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Laser Hair Removal

At Ideal Body Med Spa, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of personalized care and laser hair removal services using the latest FDA approved laser technology. All treatments are performed by NYS certified laser technicians, so our clients enjoy the most professional, safe and effective treatments possible.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Darker areas in the skin more readily absorb light energy than their lighter-colored counterparts. Pigment in the follicle, known as melanin, rapidly heats up when hit with light during a laser hair removal session. Once they get hot enough, the follicles shut down production. ​It is important to understand that this method only works on follicles that are in their active growth phase, known as anagen, because that is when they have the highest concentrations of melanin. Any follicles that are preparing to push out an old hair or are resting at the time of the treatment are not significantly impacted. For this reason, several laser hair removal treatments will be necessary in order to allow untouched follicles to cycle into their own active phases.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Accomplish?

Shaving and other mechanical hair-removal methods are effective, but repetitive and prone to causing redness, ingrown hairs, and other issues. Part of the problem is the fact that these techniques focus on the hair itself by either cutting it or pulling it out. ​Laser hair removal focuses on a different feature: the follicle. By damaging the structures that grow hairs, laser hair removal deals with the literal root of the problem. Once disabled, the follicles are unable to grow new hairs as they should. Even when hair production eventually resumes, the hairs that appear are typically finer and lighter in color, making them less noticeable and easier to deal with.

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How Is Laser Hair Removal Administered?

Ideal Body Med Spa laser hair removal session is very straightforward, despite the sophisticated technology powering the device. Our certified laser technician will use specialized software to customize your treatment to suit your skin and hair type. ​The length of an individual laser hair removal session varies, depending on the area or areas being treated—but it usually takes about one quarter of the time a traditional laser treatment requires. Our laser machine has various skin type settings which allows our certified laser technician to safely optimize the laser hair removal device for each patient’s ethnicity and skin type. ​The average time to treat both legs with a typical laser is usually an hour. With our laser’s advanced technology and the experience of our highly skilled technicians, a laser hair removal session for the legs takes an average of about 20 mins.

What Is Different About Laser Hair Removal?

Laser technology revolutionized hair removal efforts by introducing an effective procedure that was no more painful than being snapped with a rubber band. Although this was a great improvement over the alternative, it was not a relaxing and pleasurable way to spend several minutes or hours. Some of the benefits of Laser Hair Removal are: * Side effects of laser hair removal are minimal, and typically only include slight irritation, tingling, redness or itching and usually subside within a few hours. * Laser hair removal does not cause painful and unattractive ingrown hairs. Irritation and razor burns do not occur, even when performing ingrown hair removal. * Specific areas, and even individual hairs (think facial hair removal), can be targeted. * Treatment is fast and results are typically seen within just a few weeks. * Countless hours are saved by not having to wax or shave regularly. * Permanent hair loss can typically be achieved in three to seven sessions.

What Laser Technology Is Used And Is It Safe For My Skin Type?

The GentleMax Pro is a gold standard laser hair removal device. It provides a revolutionary cooling system combined with laser energy that safely targets and destroys hair follicles, giving patients satisfaction and comfort. Your aesthetician will use a wand to target the hair follicles with intense laser light energy. This causes destruction of the hair follicles, with permanent results over the course of a few treatments. For people of color, many laser hair removal treatments could not be used, as devices weren't sophisticated enough to distinguish well between the pigment in darker skin and dark hair follicles. This issue caused light spots on the skin or other issues. Candela's GentleMax Pro Laser is a more sophisticated tool, sensitive to different skin colors. It is designed to be safe for darker skin types, as it provides a selection of wavelengths to be used that allow the laser to distinguish and target the hair follicles properly. The GentleMax Pro is one of the most gentle and safe laser hair removal treatments available, providing safe, effective service for many skin types and colors.

What Can I Expect During My Hair Removal Session?

* During your free consultation session, your aesthetician will discuss your goals, areas of unwanted hair, and unique needs. From there she will recommend a custom treatment plan.  * Ahead of the procedure, a numbing cream will be rubbed into the targeted area to help reduce any discomfort. Your aesthetician will use a small handpiece to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto the targeted areas of the skin to remove unwanted hair. * You may feel a stinging or slapping sensation, but most patients report minimal pain or discomfort during and after treatment. This is minimized by the cooling device built into the GentleMax Pro and is a particular benefit of this tool for laser hair removal. * After your GentleMax Pro laser treatment is complete, a cool compress or gel pack may be applied for additional comfort. Any redness or swelling should resolve in a few hours. * After your laser treatment, prevent sun exposure for the first week. In the first few days after your treatment, use only gentle skin cleansers and avoid scrubbing the treated skin.

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