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"Liquid Gold" Skin & Hair Rejuvenation

Discover the Collagen-Stimulating Micro-Needling treatment, scientifically validated to revitalize and firm aging skin while improving hair growth. Allow the skilled skin clinicians at Ideal Body Med Spa to enhance your skin's health, texture, tone, and overall appearance, unveiling a younger and healthier-looking you!

How does it work and why is it beneficial?

The enchanting potion known as "Liquid Gold" is derived from your own blood and comprises two fundamental constituents: plasma, the liquid segment of blood, and platelets, a specialized type of blood cell crucial for healing across the body. While platelets are recognized for their clotting prowess, they also contain growth factors capable of initiating cell reproduction and fostering tissue regeneration or healing in the targeted zone. Blood enriched with a higher concentration of platelets than usual, commonly referred to as "Liquid Gold," is the essence of this magical serum. In the process of crafting golden plasma, medical practitioners extract a blood sample from the patient and introduce it into a centrifuge, a device that swiftly spins the sample, effectively segregating the platelets from the other blood components and concentrating them within the plasma.

Liquid Gold -2

collagen-stimulating micro-needling treatment proven to rejuvenate and tighten your aging skin and restore hair growth of "sleepy" hair follicles.

Liquid Gold -3

Downtime after the micro-needling treatment is minimal. Patients are able to get back to work the next day with minimal redness

Liquid Gold -1

StemFacial -distinctive formulation of stem cell cytokines and growth factors


What are the Benefits of our Treatments?

The "Liquid Gold" therapy can aid in supporting wound healing in trauma and joint injury. The method can tackle male pattern baldness, promote the growth of hair transplants, and enhance other cosmetic procedures. The outcomes of this therapy become most apparent after several weeks for joint injections and six months for scalp injections and are not enduring; patients might need additional injections as directed by their physician. Because these treatments utilize a patient’s own tissues, these injections are safe and can be administered alone or in conjunction with other procedures. One of the primary benefits of micro-needling and serum is the capability to address numerous skin concerns simultaneously. Even if wrinkles are not a concern, this therapy can still manage sun damage and textured skin. This nonsurgical approach is also safe and efficient for nearly all skin types.

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