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LED Lipo Cellulite Reduction

LED Lipo is a revolutionary, non-invasive body shaping and cellulite reduction technology offering convenient, safe and pain free body contouring in as little as 20 minutes, without surgery and without downtime. This non-surgical approach to fat reduction can be used year-round on all skin types.

How Does LED Lipo Fat Reduction Work?

Lipo with LED lights is an FDA-cleared, nonsurgical fat-reduction procedure, also known as laser lipolysis. Unlike surgical liposuction, the low-level laser energy of 635nm and 880nm light shrinks body fat by breaking down fat cell contents called triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. The fat cell contents are released, and your body naturally eliminates through the lymphatic system over the coming weeks and months. This laser LED treatment is primarily intended to take inches off the waist, hips, and thighs as well as the neck, upper arms, and other body areas. Keep in mind, like other fat reduction treatments, it's not a weight-loss solution.

Benefits Of LED Lipo Cellulite Reduction

Some of the benefits of LED LIPO fat reduction: * Laser lipolysis requires no incisions or anesthesia.  * The procedure itself is painless, with no reported side effects.  * It's suitable for all skin types and tones.   * Downtime is minimal to nonexistent, so you'll be able to resume normal activity right away.  * It’s more affordable than traditional liposuction.  * You may lose a few inches from your waist, hips, thighs, or other body areas, but may require up to eight sessions to see results.


What happens during a session?

A protocol of 2 sessions per week is recommended during the first month, and then a maintenance session can be done every 2 months. To facilitate the removal and drainage of the products released by fat cells, treatment tailored to using natural drainage products you will be offered during the initial consultation Between sessions, regular physical activity and a diet healthy and balanced is essential if you wish to maintain the effects of a comprehensive protocol by LED Lipo

How Often Should I have This Session?

LED Lipo is composed of 6 large and 2 small pads, which emit led light guided by specially designed computer system. An elastic strap is in place around the area you want to treat (abdomen, panties of horse, inside of the thighs, arms, etc…) and the pads are slipped between the area to be treated and the elastic strap for 20 minutes. No pain or any discomfort is felt during the treatment. Physical activity type cardio is essential to encourage the body to release the contents of the adipocytes rendered porous through the melting of LED Lipo

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